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Battery Awareness - SAFE CHARGE

There`s been a lot of news coverage currently and in recent times about electronic cigarette batteries exploding or catching fire.  This is actually no more common in e-cig batteries than any other electronic device using the same battery technology, for example laptops, phones etc.

What needs to be understood is the type of battery that is being charged.  E-cig batteries are Lithium-ion rechargeable type, as are most consumer electronic devices these days due to their higher energy and light weight allowing them to be much more compact than other battery types. This is great for providing us with all the latest electronic devices without having to carry a large heavy battery pack in order to get decent run times but be aware that Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous under some conditions as they contain flammable chemicals so can be a safety risk.

Remember - treat your e-cig battery with care.  A sudden impact from dropping it, leaving it exposed to unsuitable temperatures or charging it with the wrong charger can damage the battery which may lead to it failing, catching fire or exploding.  If your battery shows signs of swelling, DO NOT USE IT!
Essentially, an electronic cigarette is an electrical item and should be treated as such.


A lithium-ion charger limits the voltage to 4.2v and cuts off when the battery is fully charged not allowing trickle charge.  This is because lithium-ion will not accept overcharge and charging them over 4.2v damages the cells which will not only reduce the battery`s life but has a detrimental effect on the safety of the battery.  It can cause a short circuit resulting in a potential fire or explosion.  Lithium-ion batteries do undergo more rigorous testing than the more conventional acid type batteries. 

The charge rate is of critical importance.  A lithium battery should NOT be charged at more than 1C, (1C being 1 times its rated current i.e. a 650mAh battery should be charged at max 0.65A) and only until the battery nears full charge at which point a charge rate of around 0.5C should resume.

Our E-cig charger mains plugs have an output of 5v 500mAh (0.5A) which is then stepped down to 4.2v 420mAh (0.42A) with the USB charger.


DO NOT USE PHONE OR TABLET CHARGERS as they typically have a higher output due to the battery size the devices use. For example, Tablet chargers have an output range of 1800mA (1.8A) up to 2100mA (2.1A).  Although you may have used these types of charger previously for your E-cig battery without a problem, and even found that your battery charged quicker, THIS IS DANGEROUS.  Fast charging is not a safe option for Lithium-ion batteries as the process makes the cells hotter which can start a repetitive cycle where the battery gets hot causing temperatures to increase causing the battery to become even hotter, until it gets to a point where it either catches fire or explodes. This is often referred to as Thermal Runaway.  We could go on and on about the in depth details of charging your Lithium-ion E-cig battery but just want to get the basic knowledge known as our customers, fellow vapers and the general public who need to be aware of the dangers that are associated with all Lithium-ion batteries not just E-cig batteries.  When you purchase a Lithium-ion E-cig battery you are responsible for it.  Always ensure you maintain and charge it correctly.




Selection of the correct charger is essential to
Fires &



Clean battery contact before charging

Handle your battery with care

Assess its condition

Remember the potential hazards

Give it respect and minimize the risks

Enjoy a safe Vaping experience


We strongly recommend that you do not leave your battery on charge overnight.
Keep your Electronic Cigarette in an appropriate case, when not in use.
Only charge your battery in suitable non flammable environments.
Do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures.
Only use the charger your E-cig was supplied with.
Keep out of the reach of children.

























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